July 11, 2023

Rapid Chess Open in Spakenburg (Netherlands)

On Saturday, July 8th, as part of my family vacation, I took part in a strong rapid chess open in Spakenburg (Netherlands). After seven hard-fought rounds, I managed to share second place. The winner was the computer “Mephisto”, which won all games. I managed to defeat another and not so powerful computer.

Here are the results: https://chess-results.com/tnr790216.aspx?lan=17&turdet=YES

I briefly commented on the final part of my game from the penultimate round, which was of great importance for the final result: http://view.chessbase.com/cbreader/2023/7/11/Game446573093.html

Finally, I would like to thank my former team captain, Guido de Romph, for recommending us an excellent holiday apartment close to the playing venue.




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